Comprehensive Leadership for Transformational Times

by mba

Мaster new skills, perspectives and paradigms for the newly nascent world of global business.

Comprehensive Leadership for Transformational TimesAnke Middelmann’s extensive international experience is reflected in her professional background and academic expertise (she holds a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication). She has worked for the European Commission in Brussels and Washington, DC, prior to pursuing a career in training, coaching and supporting international professionals to enhance their cultural competence. Within SKEMA’s Global EMBA programme, she is responsible for personal and leadership development and multicultural management teaching and training.


How has your programme changed in the past two years in terms of curriculum updates, teaching methodology and delivery formats?

In 2020, we completely redesigned our Global EMBA to deliver a learning experience encompassing all aspects of today’s volatile and uncertain global business environment. Our rationale is to train well-rounded, “comprehensive” leaders in an era of transformation, who acquire essential business-function knowledge and confidently implement and adapt this against an increasingly turbulent global backdrop. In doing so, we have taken full advantage of new digital tools to deepen participants’ thought leadership and critical analysis, develop new perspectives and design innovative and sustainable solutions.

What does your EMBA programme prioritise when it comes to training business leaders for today’s complex environment in which the new essentials are digitalisation, Big Data, data analytics, management of dispersed teams, responsible leadership and sustainability?

The learning journey consistently places business-function knowledge within the complexity of the surrounding environment. We do this through a unique and holistic “storytelling” approach, carefully weaving together these different strands across all courses.

Rather than offering a series of stand-alone courses, the programme is divided into four “chapters” that build on each other, progressively conveying the interconnectedness of today’s business challenges and opportunities. The opening chapter sets the foundations: an in-depth look at the interconnectedness between the global business environment and the technological, environmental and social priorities. Subsequent chapters build on this foundation: business fundamentals are consistently linked with, and considered through, the prism of the urgent need for sustainable value creation.

By the end of the programme, participants have developed a veritable “transformation mindset”: a comprehensive “helicopter view” of business fundamentals and in-depth understanding of how to implement sustainable transformation processes amid turbulence and uncertainty.

What is the value of the EMBA experience for the personal and career development of already experienced business professionals?

Alongside the business-learning path outlined above, participants embark on a profound leadership journey from Day One of the curriculum and throughout the learning journey.

In-depth awareness and understanding of their personality, skills, talents and abilities (i.e. “who they are”) is key to developing each participant’s unique leadership competencies at all levels. Moreover, they are encouraged to consider how, through their unique talents and skill sets, they can best further their authentic professional development and positively contribute to the world around them.

This leadership “philosophy” also forms the basis for the Capstone, a unique, out- out-of-the-box approach that is a veritable future-oriented professional “launch pad”. Participants are encouraged to focus on a topic that will enhance their professional future, whether it is a focus on developing new professional directions, business plans or intra or entrepreneurial projects; an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills; or solving business transformations in their organisation.

What is the delivery format of your EMBA programme and how do participants balance work and their studies?

Our part-time programme has always been “blended”, balancing live online and self-paced independent learning with four residential weeks on SKEMA campuses on four continents (France, the United States, China and Brazil). This is a strategic choice: it provides working professionals with flexibility to balance the professional, personal and academic aspects of their lives; it enables participants from around the world to study with us; and it offers residential weeks that immerse participants into local ecosystems to develop “glocal” business perspectives. These delivery modes mirror today’s professional realities, and participants develop a veritable 21st-century community spirit.

In what ways have topics such as sustainability and climate change had an impact on the programme?

These concerns were uppermost on our minds when redesigning the programme! It is imperative to deliver responsible business education by placing at its core the incredibly urgent and important aspects that increasingly threaten natural environments and ecosystems and create growing societal inequalities. By looking at business needs and requirements firmly through the lens of sustainable value creation, we provide the transformative outlook that our participants seek.

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