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From crisis to opportunity

EMBA: Find Your Potential, Be Prepared, Reap the BenefitsJacques Digout PhD is a professor at TBS Education, where he teaches Marketing, E-marketing and Research Methodology. He is also the Academic Director of the Executive Education programme as well as a consultant in business development. His research revolves around digital and international marketing and has been widely published in top-ranked international scientific journals. He has also released a range of books on e-marketing, e-recruitment, and advertising.


What is your programme’s and school’s approach to executive education and leadership development?

Here at TBS Education, we believe that even though technical skills are a key requirement at the executive level, their value remains limited if they aren’t shared or enriched.

The Global Executive MBA offers a 360° view of business and management, so participants fully understand the stakes. During the programme, they can also specialise in a promising field, a specific economic sector, or a cutting-edge skill to make a real difference in any company. We make sure our participants’ choices align with their professional and personal goals, which our individual coaches help to define and attain.

These are the fundamentals of our Global Executive MBA in a nutshell. The programme offers the best of both worlds: personal development AND individual coaching, managerial vision AND cutting-edge specialisation.

In times of rapid social and economic changes around the world, what is the value of Executive MBA studies in a global context?

The TBS Education slogan fully reflects our ambition: Inspiring Education, Inspiring Life. The Global Executive MBA is designed to trigger inspiration in participants. Since 1903, TBS Education has offered degrees in all types of business sectors, mainly to help students access management positions. Even after graduation, they remain attached to our school and try to give back. The history and careers of over 20 MBA promotions vouch for our quality: participants are inspired and inspiring, and actively contribute to their environment.

How does your programme prepare executives for business leadership in a constantly changing world?

Our programme includes hot topics, i.e. issues that will strongly and durably impact the future of companies and our society.
The Global Executive MBA programme includes specific modules for CSR, AI and Big Data. In addition to our professors’ long history in publications on social responsibility, every year TBS Education organises the ANEDD, a week-long student event focused on sustainable development. We also offer an Equal ID programme on gender equality at work. Studying at TBS Education is so much more.

At TBS Education, companies, participants, and researchers work closely together to co-develop strategies on subjects that have a variety of angles and require profound reflection.
TBS Education includes two cross-disciplinary centres of expertise, which unite and challenge knowledge and know-how on the major topics of Aerospace & Mobility and Artificial Intelligence & Big Data.

Specific issues in the field are at the core of the programme.
Global Executive MBA participants work on team projects that are submitted by today’s companies to put theory into practice using real-life study cases.

Sustainable leadership grows through practice and networking.
Every single participant benefits from our Career Booster coaches to work, both individually and in the group, on their professional project. Peer evaluation is also included during group projects in order to get to know yourself better and progress, and technical and personal skills are compiled in an individual portfolio.

How would you describe the learning environment (academic, extracurricular, services) at your school?

Student-centred teaching and proximity to participants is in our school’s DNA.
With over 20 years of experience, the MBA dream team is totally dedicated to our students. The TBS Education library offers a vast selection of resources, subscriptions to databases and high-value economic studies. Our campus infrastructure offers a comfortable and user-friendly environment for different types of teaching methods.

Teaching techniques keep pace with today’s and tomorrow’s business reality.
In order to fit today’s typical work schedules, the Global Executive MBA combines both online and in-person sessions in our classrooms and at partnering companies. To date, TBS Education is the only French business school to have been awarded the 4-Digital label by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, the French business school association which vouches for the quality of our digital classes. Global Executive MBA participants can easily connect with teachers and fellow students to exchange on projects and ideas.

The power of a closely linked group and networking.
The Global Executive MBA gathers highly diverse profiles in terms of industries, job positions and nationalities, which brings additional assets and enriches exchanges during the programme. Alumni tend to create strong bonds during their training and keep in touch for conferences and other networking opportunities.

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