MBA: Preparing for Global Business

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How I gained ambition to shape the future of my career

MBA: Preparing for Global BusinessOrnchuda Tungkananukulchai graduated with a BBA in Marketing in 2012 and started her career working as a Commercial Executive for 3 years in Thailand before deciding to pursue the MBA programme at Newcastle University Business School. After graduating from the Newcastle MBA, Ornchuda changed careers from working in the retail industry and joined the Marketing sector, where she now works as a Product Manager in an FMCG distribution company.


When and how did you decide to pursue an MBA degree programme?

I planned to complete a Master’s degree after I graduated from my Marketing undergraduate degree. I studied my bachelor’s degree in Thailand which is also where I was working. I realised working in Thailand is challenging and you need more knowledge and international experience to build a broad vision to grow professionally.

What were the most important aspects you considered when choosing the programme and the business school?

I value the programme itself as well as the University’s reputation and the city, as it would be the place where I spend the whole year living and studying. The institution I chose needed to be the place that combined good rankings and interesting modules and was a city that is not too crowded, but still had everything I would need. All of these factors are how I selected Newcastle University Business School as my place of study.

Has the MBA degree programme helped you achieve better results career-wise, and how?

Before beginning the programme, I was more familiar with studying from a book and having limited opportunities to think outside the box. Since studying for the MBA at Newcastle, I have been able to develop my skills in terms of critical thinking and learning more from discussions with my classmates who are from around the world, each with different experience. These opportunities have helped me a lot in my career since graduating, as I have implemented the skills learnt from the programme in everyday life.

How did you benefit from the school career services and alumni network?

I really appreciated the Careers team and have fond memories of getting advice and support when creating my CV. The Careers team helped me work on a career plan that I could use after I graduated and I received assistance with making my CV stand out as I was building my career.

How would you describe the learning environment (academic, extracurricular, services) at Newcastle University Business School?

I love the fact that Newcastle University Business School has everything a student can ask for. There are plenty of self-study spaces and rooms for group work, along with the computer clusters. Several activities such as guest speaking sessions take place, which help students plan for their career and gain inspiration for their future.

What made you feel at home at the school? How would you describe the organisational culture in your MBA programme? Was it a good fit or a challenge for you and how has it influenced your overall experience?

There are students from all over the world on the course and I was the only Thai student in the cohort. At first, I thought it would be challenging getting along with classmates with different backgrounds, but it was the total opposite. For the first two weeks on the MBA, there was an induction session which included group activities so we could get to know each other. We also arranged small parties after our classes every month. Now I have friends all over the world.

Do you feel satisfied with your investment? What has the MBA programme given you?

Absolutely! The knowledge I have gained from the Newcastle MBA along with learning in a different country have opened more opportunities for me in my career to date.

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