School Soul Mate Available (Editorial)

by mba

What was the greatest lesson we derived from the global lockdown? Perhaps that living for what we previously deemed to be an “essential life” is not, after all, essential. The “non-essential life” is, after all, the real life. Meeting, sharing, creating, moving, travelling, discovering, and designing – all these offer us the real meaning.

Working merely to earn a living is not enough. Human nature is such that we have always sought to be free and motivated by passion or by purpose. But, today, we are actually able to dare more. Our dreams are closer to fruition thanks to the greater free time that comes from working from home, accompanied by more flexibility, and supportive employers. The shortfall of talent after the Great Resignation is empowering employees to pursue more personal goals.

Having a significant impact on the world, helping others, getting closer to nature, finding some inner soul – these are the goals driving more and more people in today’s new world. Deriving clear meaning from what we do, and an organisation’s ultimate goals, is a strong motivator.

Shared values embodied in organisational cultures are the primary criteria when we make career choices – in order to thrive in a stimulating environment and feel a sense of belonging. If not, entrepreneurship is an accessible alternative that enables us to create a world that is reflecting our vision.

The same holds true for our education choices because each school has a unique organisational culture where students, faculty and administration all immerse together. New departures, new adventures, and embracing the culture and values we care for – all these start through sharing a type of education in a school that can also act as our soul mate.

What else is more important than feeling that you share the same values with those teaching you leadership? You should choose the business school that is the best match for your personal style, beliefs, and relationships. Ranking is not enough. Spending 1 or 2 years of your life nurturing personal projects should complement the spirit of the school that will share this adventure with you.

The type of leader or entrepreneur you will become must start from this point. Leading with values is not just the latest trendy catchphrase. Business school is a nurturing environment that facilitates your growth and development. So its approach and teaching culture should resonate with you.

This value-driven approach calls for raising self-awareness and will guide you to find where you belong or where you truly want to be.

Searching for a school based on values and organisational culture is the new Holy Grail. But this has never been easy. In the quest to find the best business schools, media rankings have been a heavily used tool for decades. However, their methodology focuses mainly on salary indicators and tends to overlook the culture within a school.

Unimy, an Advent Group initiative, was created in 2018 to enable students to find their best cultural school match. An index listing already 180 MBA and Master’s degree institutions, through a thorough analysis of schools’ cultural differences in the graduate education sector.

Today, this unique cultural school mapping measures 6 dimensions such as the communication type, the degree of liberalism, the long-term vision. MBA applicants’ online questionnaires are instantly compared with over 15,000 current student and school alumni surveys to indicate where the prospective student would be feeling in the best way.

Your school soul mate is now waiting to help you forge a life of purpose and meaning.


Christophe Coutat
Founder and CEO
Advent Group

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